I’m a unique pragmatic-creative problem solver with over a decade of hands-on project management and production experience. I’m an artist and photographer which forms the foundation of my aesthetic sensibilities. I’m a maker with a range of skills from website building to woodworking to screen printing. I rely on my knowledge of disparate materials and techniques from french folds to french cleats. I keep business and operational goals top of mind at all times.

I favor a practical framework to solving problems. This starts with real world limitations (timeline, space, budget, etc.) and considers possible materials and formats to get a sense of what is feasible within those constraints. This works best as a collaboration with a designer or art director and with active input from the client.

I’ve built relationships with designers, fabricators, architects, ceramic artists, letterpress printers, laser cutters, mural painters, sign makers, art installers, woodworkers, neon artists, photographers, interior designers, art directors, package designers, decorative painters, and more. If I don’t know how to do something I know someone who can get us moving in the right direction.

CV available upon request.

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